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52 Books in 52 Weeks in 2024

Book reviews are back!  After a break in 2023 I am returning to my 52 books in 52 weeks reading and review challenge. If you are new to this on my site - it means each week I read a book (usually non-fiction) and review the book through a short podcast the following week - i’ll be going a little further in 2024 by doing a monthly mixed tape (remember those!) of book highlights from the month, along with an interview or two from people who like me are into books (writers, readers, booksellers and other nerdy book people!). 

A new twist in 2024 is to invite ideas from you, my subscribers - so if you have a book that you really love(d) and you think I should read and review it in 2024, just let me know here and if it resonates with me I may drop one from my list below and add in yours.

My 2024 list is below and you will also finds links to my 2022 reviews at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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Book List for 2024

Below are the books I have selected to read - these are in no particular order and I will let my interest guide me in the choice from week to week. 

  1. Nudge - Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

  2. The Art of Thinking Cleary - Rolf Dobelli

  3. The Happiness Project -Gretchen Rubin

  4. The Organised Mind - Daniel Levitin

  5. The Ship Beneath The Ice - Mensun Bound

  6. Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman

  7. A Guide for the Perplexed - E.F. Schumacher

  8. How To Live - Sarah Bakewell

  9. The Book About Getting Older - Lucy Pollock

  10. The Stress Code - Richard Sutton

  11. Waking Up - Sam Harris

  12. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

  13. The Consolations of Philosophy - Alain De Botton

  14. How The World Thinks - Julian Baggini

  15. Work Less Do More - Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

  16. The Art of Rest - Claudia Hammond

  17. The Bezos Blueprint - Carmine Gallo

  18. Get It Done - Ayelet Fishbach

  19. The Bible: A Biography - Karen Armstrong

  20. Spare - Prince Harry

  21. Still Foolin Em - Billy Crystal

  22. Mr Entertainment: The Story of Taliep Petersen - Paula Fourie

  23. The Moneymaker - Janet Gleeson

  24. The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel

  25. The Most Important Thing- Howard Marks

  26. Money in One Lesson - Gavin Jackson

  27. Not Working - Josh Cohen

  28. Parting Words - Benjamin Ferencz

  29. Africa is Not a Country - Dipo Faloyin

  30. It’s a Continent - Astrid Madimba & Chinny Ukata

  31. Sea People - Christina Thompson

  32. The Revenge of Geography - Robert Kaplan

  33. The Last Colony - Philippe Sands

  34. In Search of Berlin - John Kampfner

  35. The Highhikers Guide to AI - Arthur Goldstuck

  36. The Diary of a CEO - Steven Bartlett

  37. The Great Plant-Based Con - Jayne Buxton

  38. The Fate of Food - Amanda Little

  39. Eating Animals - Jonathan Safran Foer

  40. Rats - Robert Sullivan

  41. Triangle - David von Drehle

  42. The Courage To be Disliked - Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

  43. Think Again - Adam Grant

  44. Hidden Potential - Adam Grant

  45. Thinking 101 - Woo-Kyoung Ahn

  46. That Little Voice In Your Head - Mo Gawdat

  47. The End of Your Life Bookclub - Will Schwalbe

  48. The Library - Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen

  49. The Night Watch - Sarah Waters*

  50. Best of Friends - Kamila Shamsie*

  51. Cousins - Salley Vickers*

  52. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Gabrielle Zevin*

* - fiction

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