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Below find an overview of electives, research and the GIBS MBA Entrepreneurship Focus programme.  Additional resources are added to this page during each year to support student learning and entrepreneurial activity.

2022 Electives

I run five entrepreneurship-focused electives, each one providing you with the skills, knowledge, confidence and ability to launch, grow and scale an entrepreneurial business.  I have a deep passion for teaching and learning and bring this to the classroom experience.  I am an award-winning faculty member and am constantly creating and innovating new course content and material. Please take a moment to listen here to my elective podcast and to read my teaching statement. 


2022 MBA Research

I am an accomplished researcher and more importantly, a dedicated, skilled and considerate supervisor. I understand how challenging research can be for those who have never undertaken the pursuit, and I bring a calm and respectful approach to my supervision.  I am available to and interested in you as a student.  I research in the field of entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on high growth entrepreneurship and innovation.  Please read my research statement here and feel free to contact me to discuss any topics you have in mind.


2022 MBA Entrepreneurship Focus

I am the faculty lead for the MBA Entrepreneurship Focus.  I designed and initiated this focus area and have developed each element of the programme.  This is an exciting focus area that will set you up for an entrepreneurial venture of your own or will help you enhance the work you already do in your own business.  The focus area has a curated set of electives and instead of a research report, you will work on an entrepreneurial portfolio of evidence. Have a listen here to my brief podcast on this focus area. 

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